A list of top copywriters that you should go to if you need copywriting services.  They are the best in direct response marketing and will get you the results you want.  These copywriters also charge top dollar.  To turn a profit make sure you have a good product and you have done the market research and know that there's a market for your product.  If the product's a dud and there's no market for it, then if the best copywriter won't do you any good.

Top copywriters:

--John Carlton

--Gary Halbert (Gary Halbert just passed away this 4/8/2007. This is sad as he has helped many people with his teachings about copywriting and direct marketing.)

--Gary Bencivenga

--Michel Fortin

--Clayton Makepeace

--Jo Han Mok

--Joe Vitale

--Harlan Kilstein 






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