Sales Letter for Your Target Market


                  Here are some tips to write a sales letter for your target market that pushes their buttons and makes them buy now. 

              Write a personal and intimate sales letter as opposed to just stating the facts.

              Picture your target audience and talk to them.  Remember that you are not talking to the general crowd.  The general crowd won't buy no matter how good the sales copy is.  Your target market is probably just 1-5% of the population or whatever the percentage is.  Those are the people you are writing to.  In your sales copy you need to tell them that you understand their needs, wants and their concerns. 

              Use a good story to get their attention.  Everyone loves a good story.  The purpose of the story is to sell something.  You're answering their questions and concerns in the story.

              Here are some common objections you might be able to answer in your story.

              --It's too expensive.
              --Sounds good. I'll need to think about it.
              --Why the prospect really need this.
              --How it will help solve their problem or make their life easier, etc.
              --Other common objections for this product.

              Spend enough time researching your target audience to know what they are like.  Research means hanging out in your "market" and getting consumed with the niche.  Be very interested in learning all you can about this hobby/interest/subject so you can sound like you know what you're talking about in your sales letter.  Hang out at the forums, talk to them, ask them questions, ask them about their problems and know how they think.

              Know the lingo of your target market.  People like to speak special words that makes them feel like they belong to a group.  Tell them that you understand them and that you're a part of the "group" too by speaking their language.

              Don't write sales copy if you hate that niche and have no interest in it.  It will show in your sales copy.  If that's the case, hire someone else to write the sales letter.

              The easiest sales letter to write is where you are the "target" audience and what you're selling is something you're interested in, want, or use yourself.  That way you're naturally excited about it and know a lot about it, and how the prospects thinks/feels and their questions and objections. 






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