Hook Up With a Fun and Attractive Date
Just in Time for the Holidays
Whose Interests Matches Yours

Dear Sincere Single,

           If you’re single and you don’t wish to be then this may be one of the most important letters that you’ll ever read. Why? Because the holidays are upon us and there’s nothing worse than being single and going to all those parties and family gatherings alone. Again.

           You probably wouldn’t mind as much if everyone would just stop commenting on your single status. It can get irritating after awhile, downright annoying even. It’s not your fault; maybe you just don’t have the time or don’t know where to look.

           Well, there is something you can do this minute that will change all that. Simply fill out the survey in the back and let us do the rest. You can find yourself having the time of your life with a wonderful date very soon.

           Since 1968, [company name] have helped tens of thousands of people nationwide meet selective singles. You can choose exactly the type of person you want to date. [company name] is committed to matching you with compatible singles with the same goals, interests, and values. We do this through a series of personality surveys, interest inventories, and extensive interviews.

           Your other options are online dating or the hitting the bars. Both choices aren't appealing. Online dating is scary and dangerous because people can lie online. No one verifies what he or she wrote, there’s no screening involved, and you just can’t trust meeting someone this way. Another possibility is the bar scene, but do you find your stomach turning at that prospect already? There are other safer, less risky ways of meeting people.

           Sometimes in life we have to take a risk, or a leap of faith. There’s no tough decisions to make, all we want is for you to find out more about [company name] and how it can help you on the right path to finding that special someone. Do return the completed survey on the back TODAY so you don’t forget. Who knows, the perfect one could be waiting for you who happens to be another [company name] client.


                                                                                                              [company name]

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