Email Sales Copy


            Sometimes your email sales copy is what determines whether you'll get a flood of sales and notification of payment emails in your inbox or nothing.  Besides having a strong product and a good sales letter page to promote that product you need to get the visitors to that webpage to put them in front of the sales letter.  If your response rate is low and you're not getting a good amount of visitor to your website when you're emailing your "list" or using ezine advertising it may be because of your email sales copy.

 Here's a few tips and techniques to help you write effective email sales copy. 

  • Strong attention grabbing subject line (email subject line).  Make it intriguing, get their attention and curiosity, or state a benefit, short statement of what problem will be solved if they read more, ask yourself if you'll click on the email if you saw it yourself.
  • Use short paragraphs in the email
  • Keep it interesting and short
  • Include at least 3 links to your website within the body of the email
  • Each line should be between 55-60 characters. 
  • Use their name in the beginning of the email and sign it with yours like a letter
  • Give some good information in the email but not enough that they can decide to not go to the website.  Wet their appetite.


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