Direct Mail Business Outline


Step #1   Find a Hot market.  Find a starving crowd that wants something desperately.

Step #2   Find or create a product (preferably paper + ink) to sell to that market.  Ex: info product, booklets, home study course, newsletter, etc.

Step #3   Create a direct mail promotion that describes the product or service and the benefits of owning that product.

Step #4   Do a test mailing by mailing to 1,000-5,000 people.  Rent those names for the category of the product, from SRDS (direct mail book lists).  Costs around $100 per 1,000 names and addresses.

Step #5  Analyze results to see if you have a profitable campaign.  If it's breakeven determine if there's anything you can do to make it profitable.  If it is losing money then abandon it immediately unless you know why it's losing money.

Step #6  If the results show that you are making money with your test mailing then go ahead and increase your mailings to 10,000-100,000 gradually.

Step #7  If results are still good then find investors and start rolling out a huge campaign and take care of fulfillment and other aspects of the business.  Make sure that you are able to sent out your product in a timely manner.



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Direct Mail Business Outline
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