Give People What they Want

        If your product appeals to one or more of people most basic human desires then it will have the highest chance of success.

        Some of the main basic human desires are listed below.

        Basic Human wants and desires:

          1) Good Health - a product that makes them feel better, have more energy, live longer, and stay younger.

        2) Abundance of money - something that teaches them how to make extra cash, enjoy a grand lifestyle, gain financial security and the freedom to live as they want.

        3) Attractive appearance - a product that helps them look younger, thinner, and more beautiful.

        4) Attract other people - find friends, lovers, feel great in society and among others in social and business situations.

        5) Have more leisure time - Spend less time working and more time playing.

        6) Success - Be self confident, fulfilled, prosperous, and admired by others.

        7) Sex appeal - Be alluring, exciting to others, noticed, accepted, and appreciated.  (A lot of tv commercials use sex appeal to sex a wide variety of products.)

        8) Business Opportunities - Change your career.  Learn new skills.  Be your own boss.  Enjoy your work.  Make more money.

        9) Recognition - Feel special, be noticed, appreciated, respected.

       10) Food satisfaction - Enjoy tastier foods.

       11) Ultimate comfort - luxury good and having the best and most satisfying things available.





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