Mission Statement:  The purpose of this website is to provide useful copywriting information to help you write sales letters, find top copywriters, and provide you with other resources regarding copywriting and direct response marketing.


I'll be posting useful articles on here about how to write sales letters.  Knowing how to write a top-notch sales letter that brings in sales and converts is a great skill to have.  But it could be quite stressful and agonizing if you don't know how to write one.  Writing a sales letter that sells is not that easy, but it's do-able.

On this website you will find tips and examples about how to write:

  • opt-in pages
  • email autoresponder series
  • website sales letters
  • lead generation letters


Here are some definitions of some common copywriting lingo in case you're not familiar with it.

Copywriting Lingo

Control-A sales letter whose results have not been beaten by another thus it is continuously used.

Swipe file-A collection of direct response pieces and sales letters that you think are great.  You use it to learn from, as examples and read when you are in need of ideas.

Lead-The lead follows right after the headline.  It's the lead-in to the sales letter.

Bullets-Benefit laden bullet points used to show benefits and features of a product.

Headline-Large font at the top of a sales letter that draws a prospects attention.


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